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Databases for property variations

Data from measurements, data on stands and trees, data from pulp testing are as far as possible compiled in databases with standardised formats, matching routines and software for evaluations and presentations, modelling and simulation. These utilities may then be continuously re-used, improved and complemented with new functions.

Standardised data from four continents

The use of standardised data formats will also create compatibility among data from different projects, which often brings synergies. Trees species investigated in various projects may be compared, data sets for modelling may be expanded. The database now includes data from four continents on many wood species from natural forests as well as plantations.

Examples of data compiled for different purposes are:

  • Compatible data on property variations within and between trees, stands, regions and wood species, for investigation of variations and modelling.
  • Detailed data on radial property variations within and between annual rings from different locations and tree species.
  • The "Benchmarking Database" with properties of wood, fibres, pulps and sheets from typical and extreme wood of different species.
  • "Forest Resource Databases" of different scales: From wood supply areas of mills to whole countries.