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WOTIM (Wood-based thermal insulation materials) was a 3-year European cooperation project within WoodWisdom-Net, which completed in December 2016.


Objectives: The objective of the project has been to develop a cellulosic, thermal insulation material for the construction market as a replacement for oil-based products. The project idea is based on utilizing foam forming technology to produce low density materials required to achieve good insulation properties. Within the project, Rise Bioeconomy and Holmen have responded to developing and characterizing the different masses used.

Partners: The production of foam-shaped insulating boards as well as of cellulose spray-foam has taken place at VTT in Jyväskylä, Finland, while product characteristics and benchmarking against existing products have been done at FCBA in Grenoble and at Soprema SAS, France. Other stakeholders in the project have been Ekovilla Oy, Stora Enso Oy, Neovo Solutions Oy and Oy Interenergy Ltd all from Finland.

Challenge: In the project, foam molding technology has been adapted to produce insulating plates from cellulose fibers in a broad density range from both chemical and mechanical masses.

Solution: In a density range of 45-60 kg / m3, plates with good thermal properties, in line with commercial more traditional materials, could be obtained. Plates produced by TMP gave best properties, especially with respect to air permeability and compression strength. Suitable additives also achieve good enough properties with respect to fire and mold resistance. The panels meet current requirements on the construction market for use as insulation in walls and ceilings. The techno-economic evaluation shows a good potential.A concept for cellulose sprays has also been developed for use, for example. When sealed by windows. The technology has been demonstrated in a laboratory scale.


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