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The project called StandOpWell (Standards for optimising corrugated board packaging for export industry), was a feasibility study in order to be able to map out the direction for a focused development effort. The final report on this project is public and gives an overview and review regarding the diversity of problems encountered by the brand owners, i.e. the users of packaging.


Goal: For the globally active brand owner companies there are many problems and shortcomings associated with corrugated board boxes. One reason for this situation is the lack of uniform performance standards and guidelines. 

Solution: The study aimed at giving directions for future development of test methods and guidelines for corrugated board packaging that are based on the real needs of the exporting industry. It consisted of mapping of demands, mapping of existing test methods, and case studies as well as analysis of gaps and needs. Areas found to be lacking and in need of further development were 
effects of vibrations and shocks on stacking strength
effects of design (e.g. perforations) and
effects of creep and varying climate. 

Challenge: Future work identified by the authors could aim at providing standards and especially guidelines on how to use standards and specifications. Different guidelines for generalists and specialists could be considered. The generalist would need checklists and instructions on what a minimum specification should include. The specialist would need more technical guidelines on effects of e.g. water, humidity and creep, and on how properties of papers, board and boxes could be translated to package performance.

Partners: This work was followed by a reference group for the project, namely P3G (The Packaging & Product Protection Group) which is an industry group managed by RISE Bioeconomy.


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