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The project LignoJet, which Innventia coordinates, is a Swedish-Brazilian collaboration with partial financing from Vinnova concerning the establishment of lignin as raw material for bio-based jet fuel. The project, which runs until December 2016, will showcase how these fuels can be produced from forest raw materials that do not compete with food production through integrated production in the pulp mill.

The world's first permanent station for bio-based jet fuel available at Karlstad Airport.

Sweden and Brazil are two of the world's leading producers of pulp. The two countries account for substantial knowledge and expertise in the handling of wood as a raw material for various purposes. The Swedish-Brazilian project POLYNOL, coordinated by Innventia, studied the possibility of integrated production of bio-plastics, wood-based ethanol and other chemicals using sugars and lignin in a pulp mill. These studies are complemented now in the new Swedish-Brazilian venture.

LignoJet will look at the concept development and scale-up of new separation processes in the pulp mill and further processing of the lignin for a specific application, namely as bio-based jet fuel. The aviation industry is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has set ambitious targets to achieve carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and to reduce CO2 emissions from 2005 to 2050 by 50 percent. Future fuels for aviation must be based on renewable raw materials but for them to be able to compete with fossil fuels, they must be produced cost efficiently.

A prerequisite for the large-scale introduction of bio-fuels for aviation is that it is a functioning market and a value chain. The project includes, among others, the Brazilian pulp producer Fibria and Swedish Karlstad airport where Europe's first permanent station for biojetbränslen installed. In Värmland is also LignoBoost Demo, Innventia demonstration plant where large pilot test will be conducted. The project also involved Valmet and SP Process Development as partners.


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