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Innventia Research Programme 2015-2017

The business environment of the pulp, paper and packaging industry and their suppliers is going through radical changes. The structural changes put emphasis on cost reduction, production efficiency, improved margins and the need to create added value by e.g. using waste and side streams for new products. Innventia Research Programme 2015 addresses many of the challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing.

We believe that multi-client research is of great importance for building new knowledge and creating tools to benefit from these changes. The work carried out within the Research Programme is focused on improving the existing products and processes as well as demonstrating new opportunities with novel materials, chemicals, and products. By working together in pre-competitive projects we get leverage by joining forces and better success in public funding.

Programme structure

The Research Programme comprises several thematic Programme Areas, each addressing problems of great interest to a consor tium of Innventia customers. Such a Programme area operates over several years, three years planned.

Some important characteristics for the Programme Areas are that they:

  • consist of several Pre-competitive Themes, thereby developing new knowledge or new combinations of knowledge to be used for new technical solutions and applications in
  • one or several Application oriented research projects, that can give results to be developed fur ther to industrial reality together with customers through client projects

We use the term Pre-competitive Research to mark projects and activities of a more generic nature. The Pre-competitive Research is idea and science driven. It is intended to take advantage of scientific oppor tunities and provide Innventia customers with cutting edge knowledge and exper tise that will enhance the capability for future technical development and applications.

Innventia Research Programme 2015

As a customer you can choose to participate in the Pre-competitive Research (leveraged by public funding) in one or more Application oriented projects or initiate projects by your own.

We believe that this model gives a high degree of flexibility between pre-competetive research and application oriented research, both area-based and value chain-based.

The programme areas and projects are continuously subject to prioritisations, due to on-going changes for the industry that can affect the direction of R&D investments. Participation in Innventia Research Programme 2015 means opportunities to influence areas and content.