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European Shopping Baskets


The European Shopping Baskets was an innovative program, set up to create a unique tool and methodology to promote an improved understanding of the drivers for packaging development and demand and support the continuous environmental improvement of packaging.

The program was a joint undertaking of EUROPEN - The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment - and Innventia. It recorded packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary) data on an ongoing (biannual) basis for 100 of the most commonly used products in countries across the EU, starting with Finland, Estonia, Poland, Italy and UK.

Packaging key values was then calculated from this data and correlated with relevant social data. The results can be used to describe development for either the entire shopping basket, for a specific product category, packaging material or type of packaging.

Read the publicly available report of the European Shopping Baskets first data collection on: Packaging Trends for Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Selected European Countries.

The ESB program provided packaging key values on a country-by-country basis which was calculated at fixed time intervals. These key values together with knowledge of relevant national social data allowed trends in packaging key values to be correlated against social drivers per country.

The program provided valuable knowledge to support the goals of the EU's 6th Environmental Action Programme (including the Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, the Thematic Strategy on Prevention and Recycling of Waste and Integrated Product Policy). It also helped identify more cost-effective packaging systems as part of industry's quest for more efficient supply chain management.