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In this three-year project, WoTIM (wood-based thermal insulation materials), the aim is to develop superior cellulose-based insulation materials.


Fibreglass is the most widely used insulation material worldwide, and its use is growing. Foam plastic insulation materials are oil-based, and are therefore not ecologically sustainable. Cellulose-based materials, on the other hand, have many advantages in addition to consisting of renewable raw materials; they contain a higher proportion of recycled materials than any other insulation material, and use less energy than mineral-based insulation materials. According to an evaluation carried out by the Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (TIMSA), polyurethane foams had the highest environmental impact of different insulation materials, and cellulose insulation materials the lowest.

In this project superior cellulose-based insulation materials are being developed. The insulation properties are enhanced by creating air pockets in the cellulose material matrix of foam or foam-like structures. The aim is that the performance of the novel cellulose-based insulation materials should be at a comparable level to the materials made of polyurethane foams.

Innventia will be working together with Holmen to investigate the possibilities and adapt the mechanical pulp process for producing insulation materials. The starting point is existing foam forming technology, which will be adapted to develop thermal insulating panels made from 100 percent cellulose. The aim is to achieve insulating properties that are comparable with polyurethane foam. Other properties are also expected to have many similarities, paving the way for a wealth of possible applications within the construction industry.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to develop a high performance wood-based cellulosic thermal insulation panel material manufactured by foam forming
  • to replace the oil-based insulation materials
  • to investigate and explore the possibilities to create a new bio-based cellulosic in-situ spray-on thermal insulation foam based on (nano)cellulose to replace traditional spray-on plastic insulation foams
  • to evaluate the applicability of the new materials on buildings and benchmark them to conventional building insulation products, including life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • to find structural solutions and/or safe additives for improved material performance (e.g. fire performance)
  • to evaluate the acceptance of markets and end users for new materials

The WoTIM (wood-based thermal insulation materials) project is within the framework of the WoodWisdom-Net+ Programme and has a total budget of EUR 1.46 million. It will last until December 2016. The partners in this project are VTT (Finland), Innventia (Sweden), FCBA (France), Holmen (Sweden) and Soprema (France).


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