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The project called StandOpWell (Standards for optimising corrugated board packaging for Swedish export industry), is a feasability study in order to be able to map out the direction for a focused development effort.


A need for more efficient standards concerning transport packaging and export packaging has been identified. The exporting industry today has problems finding the right transport packaging materials and solutions for different markets when it comes to performance. There is a lack of knowledge and guidelines to determine the properties of the box that are relevant and contribute to mechanical performance at different points of the distribution chain. In addition each industry branch faces different requirements and demands.

To meet the need, Innventia has started a study aiming towards uniform function standards to optimize corrugated board packaging. The project runs until March 2016 with possible extension.

The project is financed by Åforsk Fopundation and is led by Innventia’s Thomas Trost.


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