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The strategic innovation project “BioLi2.0 – from lignin to biobased fuels and chemicals” is a partnership between companies, research institutes and academia with the aim of developing processes for production of fuels and chemicals based on renewable lignin as a replacement for fossil, petroleum-based products.


One goal of the project is to develop selected technologies and establish value chains for lignin, as well as to increase the level of technological maturity, i.e. from small-scale development to demonstration of a prototype in a relevant industrial environment.

The project will assist in the creation of an initial demonstration facility that will demonstrate a full value chain from lignin to end product, in the form of chemicals or fuels, in operation in Sweden within five years from project launch.

The project is being carried out by 28 parties from companies, research institutes and academia in Sweden. It is divided into six subprojects that cover chains from raw material to products, via chemical conversion and purification. In addition to further development and upscaling of new processes, the project will also evaluate the technical and financial requirements of various value chains.

The use of lignin from forest raw materials is expected to contribute to increased sustainability in Swedish society in many ways:

  • reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector and chemical products
  • replacement of fossil raw materials with renewable material helps to increase sustainability
  • greater security of energy supply through the use of national resources and raw materials
  • new business opportunities for the stakeholder industries (mainly the forestry sector and petrochemical industry in the refinery sector)
  • potential to exploit the developed technology in order to also exploit other lignin sources from other processes

BioLi2.0, which will run until the end of 2018, is being financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency, along with the participating project parties. It has a total budget of MSEK 46.9.


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