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The need of nature

Foto: Bonava

Marco Lucisano, you are one of the experts in the project “A Cellulose-Based Society”. Can you explain what the trend “The need of nature” is about?
Even as we crowd into cities and adopt urban ways of life, our need for Mother Nature’s presence in our lives does not seem to be diminishing. On the contrary, nature has been proven to have remarkable effects on our health and well-being. Our inherent emotional longing for the natural also seems to increase as we move towards a denser, more restless, fast-paced and tech-savvy society.

What factors led to the result of this trend?
Marco LucisanoNew cities are being built, old ones are growing and being renewed, and the need for healthy citizens in this complex urban environment is a natural, desirable element. Nature is required to act as the balance to the infrastructure and citizen contrast. The trend is appreciated by the inhabitants of cities, while also facilitating new creative business opportunities for industry and individual entrepreneurs.   

What impacts can we expect from this trend?
It is clear that nature does not just inspire us with its strengths, but also promotes cities from a sustainable business perspective. A Swedish example is the housing company Bonava, which transformed the otherwise concrete landscape of Sergels Torg, one of the most vital areas in Stockholm, into a green area for a day. The purpose is to socialise and feel good in a green environment in the heart of the city. Another successful international example is Bosco Verticale in Milan, an apartment block with trees planted on the balconies. 


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