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No Waste

Tatjana Karpenja, you are one of the experts in the project “A Cellulose-Based Society”. Can you explain what the trend “No Waste” is about?
Even though there are many conflicting views on how we should act to address our sustainability challenges, one thing that people agree about is that the way we use materials can and should be radically improved. Waste minimization, improved re-usability of materials and circular business models is a real and growing opportunity for both societies and businesses. Pro-active companies can benefit greatly from adapting circular business models, designing for reusability and anticipating stricter regulations.

What factors led to the result of this trend?
Tatjana KarpenjaEvery year, we consume more resources than the planet can produce. This is both a huge challenge and a driving force for society and industry. The No Waste trend involves a waste-free society in which everything is considered a resource, both recycled and new materials. The vision is to create a world of unlimited resources through smart solutions. 

What impacts can we expect from this trend?
We can already see that industry is catching on to the trend. More new and exciting partnerships will lead to more sustainable and service-focused products and will engage consumers. The individual is growing closer to industry and taking a larger role by being an active participant in the value cycle. Products are being designed to be recyclable and reusable in order to circulate materials many times. At Innventia we have functional processes and create innovations within this field, especially in terms of new hot materials and biorefinery thinking. The principle behind the trend is that everyone wins with no-waste economy thinking.


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