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Innovation by Collaboration

Therese Johansson, you are one of the experts in the project “A Cellulose-Based Society”. Can you explain what the trend “Innovation by Collaboration” is about?
Business renewal has never been more important. The ability to acquire, combine, and execute on new knowledge is key – as is the ability to do it quickly. It is not only about coming up with new products, services and business models. As the need for speed increases, organizations are starting to innovate the way they innovate. How? They collaborate, by involving others and get involved by sharing. For most organizations, working on your own is a slow-moving track, with an increasing risk of being left out of the competition.

What factors led to the result of this trend?
Therese JohanssonObservations and invitations one could say. Unilever’s Open Innovation portal and Phillip’s plaza are examples of observations we made. We were also invited to different workshops arranged by companies wanting help to solve specific problems.

What impacts can we expect from this trend?
Some would probably argue that this is not a trend but rather a fact now, and that we are already seeing impacts from this trend. We work with innovations in different ways. One way is within our research programme where different companies work together around common issues in our pre-competitive part of the programme. Another example is our collaboration with universities of Art, Craft, Design and Architecture – many of our demonstrators stem from these collaborations. We also work in different projects where we have workshops with “unexpected” players not traditionally connected to our business. Successful projects gather input from more stakeholders along the value chain to a much larger extent now than before. TechMark Arena is another example which we have run here at Innventia in the last two years. Here master thesis students from different (educational) backgrounds work with separate projects focused around a certain theme – allowing cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas that results in a (what we believe) better outcome than if the projects had been performed separately.


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