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Business Activism

Dina Dedic, you are one of the experts in the project “A Cellulose-Based Society”. Can you explain what the trend “Business Activism” is about?
In times of rapid change and shifting paradigms, unity is hard to find. But as people and politicians are unable to find a common path to address the challenges of sustainability, visionary entrepreneurs have been able to set the world on track towards more positive outcomes. Billion dollar corporations, which used to be the antagonists of sustainable development, are now starting to behave as its champions.

What factors led to the result of this trend?
Dina DedicWhen we discussed and analysed the major events on the market recently, we saw that both individual entrepreneurs and companies are making a mark. Impressive entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are challenging the global playing field by developing electric cars as a sustainable alternative to fossil-powered cars, as well as energy-storage solutions based on renewable energy sources for homes. New companies such as AirBnB and Über are emerging and threatening established players with groundbreaking business models. Giants such as Facebook and Microsoft are behind a new alliance for the production of renewable energy from solar and wind power.

What impacts can we expect from this trend? 
The ‘business activism’ trend sees activists and politicians facing competition from large, strong companies that want to do good. They have the resources not to have to worry about quarterly reports, and they dare to make huge investments in what they believe in: green energy, circular business models, alternative solutions that benefit everyone, not just the company. They create goodwill while also putting pressure on other companies.


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