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A Cellulose-Based Society

"A Cellulose-Based Society" is the name of our third report in the series "Innventia Global Outlook" in which we have surveyed attitudes towards materials that we all use in everyday life and described the trends and driving forces shaping the way towards a more sustainable future.

A cellulose-based society

Cellulose is nature's most common building block. Innventia believes in a bio-based and circular economy in which materials from the forest are one of the keys to a more sustainable future. 

A Cellulose-Based SocietyThe starting point of our analysis is the long-term relationship of mankind with the forest, a complex, challenging, intriguing story which is still under development. We studied the opportunities and challenges facing society today to formulate questions for experts in the development of new materials, new technologies and new business solutions. And we asked consumers in five countries around the globe to imagine a future in which resources from the forest are used to create the most diversified array of products – just about everything from textiles and vehicle parts to food, cosmetics and prosthitics.

"Although the forest-based products are so many, cellulose is the key molecule in the processing chain. This chain includes responsible forestry and productive uses of the side streams of lignin and hemicellulose in all forms. This entirely new bio-economy revolves around the fantastic features and possibilities of cellulose," says Birgitta Sundblad, President of Innventia. 

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