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Innventia has conducted several development and demonstration projects that have resulted in new products, processes and methods for the market. Many of these innovations have their origins in long-term research at Innventia. Our scientific approach to work enables us, in cooperation with our customers, to enhance all or any of the stages in the innovation chain, from concept to final product, service or process. The examples mentioned below illustrate the innovative capacity that exists at Innventia and the variety present within our business.


Gel of nanocellulose


Innventia has for many years been working with research in the field of microfibrillated cellulose/nanocellulose. Process development the latest years has resulted in drastic reduction in energy consumption (up to 98% reduction). During 2010, Innventia upscaled its processes and erected a pilot plant in its facilities in Stockholm. Now, one of Innventias customers, Stora Enso, has invested 10 MEuro to build a pre-commercial production plant for the material in Imatra. Innventia has been an important partner in this development.
Contact person: Anna Wiberg
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LignoBoost technology involves extracting lignin from black liquor, which is the used cooking liquid in the kraft pulp production process. The LignoBoost process enables an increase in capacity for pulp mills at a cost lower than extending a "tight" recovery boiler. Profitability is further improved if the lignin can be used as a replacement for fuel oil or natural gas, or as a raw material for the production of valuable products such as carbon fibre.
Contact person: Per Tomani
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In 2011, Södra Cell launced DuraPulp, a new composite material which has been developed in collaboration with Innventia and a network of partners. This material was awarded Innovation of the year at the Pulp & Paper Awards in Brussels in November, 2011. Today, a lamp is being manufactured and, hopefully, we will see packaging made of DuraPulp in the future.
Contact person: Kristina Wickholm
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Active materials
Aktiva material


Innventia develops interactive paper and packaging materials that change colour and shape in response to various stimuli. These can, for example, be used to create smart packaging solutions.
Contact person: Mikael Lindström
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Rolling Optics
Rolling optics


In collaboration with Innventia and its network of partners, Rolling Optics, a hi-tech SME, developed a whole new generation of visual materials for labels and packaging. These materials can be used to impart a unique look that is very difficult to copy and which can also raise the profile of a brand and make it stand out on the shelves.
Contact person: Marie-Claude Béland
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Beer tray


A beer tray that makes it possible to fill and serve several plastic glasses of beer in one operation. The tray is made of a moulded pulp with a coat of polypropylene.
Contact person: Marco Lucisano




The SOFA system can help the paper and board mills to get control of the variations in product quality. With this control system, the paper or board mill can reduce the fibre utilisation by 5% which also implies a significant reduced energy consumption.
Contact person: Anna Wiberg 
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Stratified formning
Stratified forming


The next quantum leap in papermaking will be the introduction of stratified forming in order to reduce energy consumption, improve product properties and possibly develop completely new products. Contrary to multiply forming, stratified forming produces a layered structure with one single headbox. By using a single headbox, sheet stratification can be applied even to low-grammage products, e.g. newsprint.




Using the OptiTopo device is a very fast way to measure topography (within seconds!) that offers the possibility to correlate print quality to the topography. Suitable both for advanced research and for routine quality control.
Contact person: Hans Christiansson
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Magle, a pharmaceutical company, has developed a new specially prepared paper. Extracting DNA from a stain will facilitate for forensic investigators to make positive identification of alleged criminals. The product called Phadebas consists of a filter paper modified on the surface by using production techniques at Innventia.
Contact person: Anna Wiberg




On-line measurement technology for the digesters and bleach plants has been a research field of high activities for Innventia. The lignin content (kappa number) of pulp has been considered an important parameter both for system control and to characterise pulp properties.


STFI FiberMaster
STFI Fiber master


The STFI FiberMaster is a powerful tool for studying fibre dimensions and fibre curl and their importance in the papermaking process and resulting paper properties. The equipment is used routinely in Innventia's own research as well as for contract work.
Contact person: Elisabeth Björk
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