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About Packaging & Product Protection Group

The Packaging & Product Protection Group at Innventia is a forum for people who have an interest in goods and product protection, e.g. as regards packaging dimensioning, choice of material and damage preventing measures in connection with transport, storing and handling of both industry and consumer goods.  

The main objective of this committee is to serve as a generator of ideas and a knowledge bank for its members, to form a network where information about both technical and more overarching issues regarding packaging design and product environment goes both ways. The group strives to apply a ”helicopter view”. Discussions and opinions expressed in the group can also influence the direction of the research at Innventia.  

The members of the Packaging & Product Protection Group are supposed to 

  1. act as sounding boards for the long-term research on this area 
  2. whenever requested prepare or give comments on a proposed concrete research projects, research applications etc. 
  3. follow up and give comments on on-going projects 
  4. work for dissemination and practical application of research results, both internally at their respective companies and among external colleagues. 

Among the fields of interest of the Packaging & Product Protection Group are: 

  • Description, analysis, simulation and optimisation of the transport process 
  • Collection of transport and handling data 
  • Collection of material data for packaging materials, e.g. shock protection properties and moisture protection  
  • Environment testing of product and packaging, e.g. protection against mechanical and climatic stresses  
  • Development and standardisation of testing and test methods  
  • Sensors, smart packaging and packaging materials  
  • Collection and dissemination of information, nationally and internationally 

The Packaging & Product Protection Group meets normally twice a year. In connection to the meetings, study visits and plant demonstrations are arranged. Should it be requested, extra meetings could be arranged e.g. as a day devoted to a particular theme or topic or idea seminars.  


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