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Ongoing projects

Heat and moisture in paper and adhesive affect the manufacture of corrugated board and the quality of end products. This area is being studied in two parallel projects: "Modellering av värmebordet" (Modelling of heating table) and "Gränser för klistringsbarhet" (Boundaries for gluability). The properties of the raw materials used to produce the paper, the properties of the adhesive, the settings for the corrugated board machine, and energy consumption can all affect the end result.

SUW project history

Over the years SUW has been involved in projects to do with the manufacture of corrugated board and corrugated board packaging and the properties of finished products. Below is a list of projects conducted by SUW since its inauguration (click for larger image).

Additional details for select projects

Box lifetime studies (Atle)

The project first examined creep, a complex physical phenomenon that causes boxes stacked in warehouses to collapse after a period of time. This becomes a particular problem when there are changes in the warehouse's climate conditions, e.g. a cold store with different temperatures during the day and night and at different times of the year.

A program was developed to help calculate and determine the lifetime of boxes stacked in warehouses. Certain readings are taken and the values fed into the program, which calculates how long the boxes will remain intact.

Operator model for liner temperature and moisture content

A model was developed to calculate how the temperature and moisture content of the liner as it passes over the preheater are affected by various settings programmed into the corrugated board machine. The software can be installed on a PC and can be used by operators of corrugated board machines, among others, for training purposes.


With the aid of sliding controls, various parameters can be adjusted before calculating the temperature and moisture content.Klistring av wellpapp

Gluing corrugated board

Laboratory equipment that imitates gluing the exterior liner to single-faced corrugated board has been developed. This enables tests to be conducted to study various parameters in a laboratory setting. The intention is to be able to use these findings to adjust the 'gluing parameters' during actual production.


Chairman of the Steering Committee

Ronald Bredemo
Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner/Paper Division, Piteå
Phone: +46 (0)911 970 50


Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp
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