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SKAF project history

Over the years SKAF has been involved in projects to do with the manufacture of cardboard packaging and the properties of finished products. Below is a list of projects conducted by SKAF since its inauguration.

Runnability in packaging machines

Extensive studies that include the use of video recordings, among other methods, have been conducted involving various filling machines used by packaging companies. This project was supplemented with laboratory tests, while filling machines were also operated in a laboratory environment, resulting in a description of problems encountered and recommendations for minimising the problems and their impact.

Curl & Twist for cardboard

SKAF contributed to the development of a Curl&Twist Tester for the industry. This has since been used on numerous occasions to measure and characterise how different types of cardboard curl when exposed to moisture.

Creasability of cardboard

A method was developed for using a flat-bed die-cutter to assess the ideal crease geometry for different grades of cardboard. SKAF also provided support during the development of a tool to assess the foldability of cardboard.

PE adhesion

A method was developed to measure the adhesive force between cardboard and applied PE film.

Cardboard and the EU's Packaging Directive

SKAF followed the progress of work to draft the Packaging Directive and kept member companies informed about developments.

Dimensional stability of cardboard boxes

A study investigating the curling and change in shape of cardboard boxes during handling and storage. Measuring devices were developed and a proposal produced for classification of different types of damage.

Dissemination of knowledge by SKAF

SKAF has put together a education package that can be used to educate converters. Seminars have been organised for the benefit of companies belonging to Svenska Kartongförpackningsföreningen (the Swedish Carton Makers' Association).


Chairman of the Steering Committee

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