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Legislation and regulations

The Miljöpack trade and industry group was created as the industry's reaction to growing legislation and regulations within the field of packaging and the environment. Knowledge of this field is therefore a key foundation of our operations.

Legal requirements for packaging to be minimised and recyclable

The Swedish Packaging Ordinance (SFS 2018:1462) implements the requirements placed by the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EG) on packaging. In addition to the collection and recycling requirements dealt with by the FTI (Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service), there are also packaging construction requirements. These requirements are set out in the EU directive as the Essential Requirements, and involve the following:

  • The weight and volume of the packaging must be kept to a minimum
  • The packaging should permit re-use or recycling/material recovery
  • The content of harmful and hazardous substances must be minimised

These requirements apply to all packaging placed on the European market.

Six standards demonstrate compliance with the requirements

The European Committee for Standardisation, CEN, has developed six standards which detail how to evaluate whether packaging meets the above requirements.

  • Prevention of waste (SS-EN 13428:2004)
  • Re-use (SS-EN 13429:2004)
  • Material recovery (SS-EN 13430:2004)
  • Energy recovery (SS-EN 13431:2004)
  • Composting and biodegradation (SS-EN 13432:2000)
  • Instructions for applying the above standards (SS-EN 13427:2004)

Since these standards are harmonised (i.e. approved by the European Commission), packaging which complies with these standards is deemed to meet the Essential Requirements of the EU directive.

The gobal standardisations organisation ISO has published the global standards ISO 18601-18606 in 2013 based on the European standards.

Miljöpack has produced guidance for evaluating compliance

The experience gained by Miljöpack's member companies in working with the standards has been compiled. This experience has resulted in a practical guide being drawn up, which describes how companies can organise their evaluation work effectively.


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