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The Miljöpack group works with packaging and environmental issues

Miljöpack is a group of companies that work together on resource-efficient packaging. The group monitors developments relating to legislation and regulations in Sweden, within the EU and globally, and disseminates topical information.

Key goals for Miljöpack include:

  • Promoting the packaging’s contribution o towards a sustainable society
  • Monitoring and influencing the development of legislation and regulations relating to packaging and sustainability.
  • Developing assessment methods that take an overall view of packaging.

Membership of the Miljöpack trade and industry group demonstrates that you are a company that’s works actively to achieve more resource-efficient packaging.


Secreteriat Miljöpack

Cathrine Löfgren
RISE Bioeconomy
Phone: +46 (0)8 676 7068

Ann Lorentzon
RISE Bioeconomy
 +46 (0)8 676 7067

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