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Wood measurements

Apart from measurements with SilviScan, Innventia is applying a number of other methods for the analysis of wood. Scanners are used to document material before segregation into pieces for various analyses and for straight-forward analyses of growth ring patterns. Equipment for sawing, cutting and planing, drying, extraction, conditioning of samples are available. Good facilities for storing of samples are essential, such as freezer capacity.

Special methods have also been developed and used in cooperation with partners. Examples from work with X-ray tomography on logs together with Luleå Technical University and SP Trätek in Skellefteå are:

Measurement of cross-sectional distributions in logs of basic density, (mass of oven dry wood)/(volume of fresh wood), and of wood moisture. Images were recorded from discs in fresh and oven-dried states. Software from the media industry was used to remove effects from drying (cracks, deformation), to make the images match. The distributions of moisture and dry wood were calculated.

CT scanning was also used to investigate drying of logs on storage. With the approach developed, the drying process of pulpwood logs with different coverage of bark was studies over time in the same cross-sections of the logs.

Drying of logs, measured at the middle of 4 logs with different state of debarking: intact bark, windows cut, fully debarked and damaged by harvester.