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The NIR wood scanner

A NIR Wood Scanner has been built for efficient recording of NIR spectra from the surface of wood of samples. For compatibility with other measurements and efficiency, the NIR measurement has been integrated with the SilviScan instrument, using the same type of samples as produced for SilviScan measurements. Sequences of spectra may be recorded, for instance from pith to bark (juvenile to mature wood).

The idea behind this approach is to reach synergy effects. When developing models for prediction of properties with NIR, the analyses with reference methods are often tedious and expensive. Samples of wood adjacent to the SilviScan samples are often analysed for other properties. Merging such data with SilviScan data and NIR spectra from the scanner is a very cost effective way to build data for calibration and validation of models for predictions based on NIR.

The potential has been investigated for chemical composition of wood and for properties of pulps produced from the wood by using existing reference data from previous projects.

Measurement layout of the NIR Wood Scanner at Innventia.