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SilviScan instrument

SilviScan is an instrument for efficient measurement of many wood and fibre properties of importance for both research and industry, such as wood density, wood stiffness, fibre dimensions, microfibril angle, annual rings and wood stiffness. Detailed information is obtained on radial variations through the integration of three measurement principles.

The efficiency of SilviScan as compared to methods previously used opens up for new possibilities in research and development. Areas of application are wood technology, pulp and paper production, new and better wood based products, forestry, tree improvement, genetics, fundamental research on wood formation, etc and genetics.

The SilviScan technology is developed by CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia, under the leadership of Dr. Robert Evans, who was awarded the Marcus Wallenberg Prize of 2001 for his break-through achievement. The SilviScan at Innventia has been funded by the Troëdsson Foundation and a consortium of paper companies.