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Properties analysed

In the Innventia Wood and Fibre Measurement Center, a spectrum of properties of trees, wood, fibres, vessels and pulp are analysed with high efficiency.


The SilviScan provides detailed information about radial variations from pith to bark, in battens for mechanical testing from measurements on samples of solid wood, such as:

  • wood density
  • fibre width (radially and tangentially)
  • fibre wall thickness 
  • microfibril angle
  • wood stiffness (est. acoustic MOE)
  • number of annual rings (cambial age)
  • widths and property averages for rings and their parts of earlywood and latewood
  • for broad-leaves/hardwoods also number and widths of vessels

From these properties, other wood and fibre properties of importance for research and industry are calculated: fibre collapsibility and coarseness, cell divisions, etc.

The NIR Wood Scanner

The NIR wood scanner provides radial sequences of NIR spectra measured from samples of solid wood. Pulps and paper sheets may be produced and tested in a multitude of ways.

FiberMaster, FiberTester and analysis of vessel elements

The STFI FiberMaster, the L&W Fibertester and the analysis of vessel elements provide data on properties of fibres and vessel elements in a liberated state, such as in pulps and macerated wood. Examples of properties analysed:

  • fibre length
  • fibre width/diameter
  • for broadleaves/hardwoods also lengths, widths and numbers of vessel elements.