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Measurement systems for industrial use

The team working in the Innventia Wood and Fibre Measurement Centre has also large experience from developing of measurement systems, both for the laboratory and for on-line use in the industry, and also systems for sampling and process control.

Most of the systems were installed in mills, some did not pass the eye of the needle, but all of them has provided useful competence in the development of new methods and in the adaption of existing methods to new measurement conditions, for instance when new wood species or types of pulp are to be analysed. Here we list some examples related to logs, wood, chips and fibres.

Pulpwood assessment system

automatic sampling of diametrical wood cores from logs piled on trucks when pulpwood is delivered to the millfor fibre information: analysis of number and widths of growth rings, latewood content (related to fibre cross-sections) and juvenile wood content (related to fibre length), through image analysis of delivered wood from these samples estimation of wood moisture (combined with weighing for delivered dry mass) and wood species from NIR recordings on the same samples

Debarking measurement and control

Measurement of wood mass in deparking drum for control of debarking time.On-line measurement of bark on logs (used also in 3D frames in sawmills).Process control of debarking drums.


Automatic sampling systems for representative chip samples, different solutions.On-line measurement of chip size distribution, performed on these samples. Monitoring of chips to process and mixing for uniformity.

Measurement systems and control systems for pulp mills have also been developed.