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Sheet structure

Measurement of sheet structure for better product performance

Studying the structure of a paper sheet is one of the first steps you can take when you want to understand how the production process influences the behaviour of a paper product. Studying sheet structure can help you both in the development of new products and when troubleshooting production processes.

One approach for a multitude of properties

We have collected all measurement techniques used to analyse the structure of your paper sheet in a single framework: one unified set of routines provides you with Innventia’s entire sheet structure know-how. For most methods we can give you measurement results on A4-size samples (210 x 297 mm²) with as high a spatial resolution as appropriate for each individual analysis.

You can also investigate correlations between different paper properties. Thickness, mass, density, compressibility, permeance and surface roughness are some examples of properties for which we can provide two-dimensional maps.

Sheet splitting for 3D mapping

Sometimes two-dimensional maps are not enough and you need information about the thickness direction of the sample, too. One applicable solution is sheet splitting, the operation of dividing a sheet of paper into thin layers parallel to the plane of the sheet. You can send us samples as large as A3 (420 x 297 mm²) and we will use one of a series of measurement methods for characterising the individual split layers. When we produce a 2D map for each layer, we are essentially providing you with a 3D description of the entire sheet.Beskrivning:

The analysis of local fibre orientation in paper sample can help you couple the behaviour of paper to the characteristics of the process and equipment used to produce the sheet. Here a streak in fibre orientation can be followed through the thickness of the sample.


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Sheet splitting

Local Fibre Orientation

Local Permeance


Optical Formation

Thermal Conductivity



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