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Unwanted microbiological activity caused by the presence of bacteria and moulds can lead to problems such as scaling, slime, spoiled coating colours, spots and specks, and odours. Damage is caused to products by microorganisms living on the raw materials, from which they derive the nutrients needed to multiply, and producing harmful substances. Despite the microscopic size of microorganisms, they exist in huge numbers and can multiply rapidly under favourable conditions, such as those often found close to pulp and paper machines, for example.

In order to investigate and evaluate the microbial status of a pulp and paper machine, Innventia conducts microbiological tests on water, pulp, paper and board, coatings and fillers. Systematic analysis and characterisation of microorganisms present in processes and products enables us to produce a package of measures to rectify the problem. We are able to visit mills to assess on-site conditions, although it is also possible to submit samples for testing. Chemicals are often employed to keep the various microorganisms under control, and we offer a service assessing the effects of chemicals added to production processes.  

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Pink slime coating from the paper that when grown on agar plate, gives various types of colonies and where microscopy verifies bacterial growth.


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