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You can come to us if you need help evaluating print quality or runnability. We can help with everything from small printing commissions, where a few samples get printed and then evaluated, to major projects with the aim of identifying which material properties mainly affect quality.

Why will one sample print well and another one badly?

Controlled trials enable us to find out how the material affects print quality and/or runnability. In order to carry out such an investigation, printing is often combined with analyses of print quality (technical or perceptual) and material properties. In many cases, the customer wants to know the reason behind a quality problem.

Comparing and monitoring quality development

When it comes to print quality, there is naturally a significant incentive from paper and board producers to compare the quality of different products, and to monitor how product development affects print quality. Some customers also choose to monitor production with regular testing. It is often preferable from a cost and time perspective to carry out these tests on a lab scale. If you are unable to print or to analyze in your own lab, we can help with this!

Printing trial using a flexo printing press at DFTA in Stuttgart.

Testing ink setting in an ISIT printing press in the lab.


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