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The barrier lab

Many products feature some kind of protection. This could be packaging for food or pharmaceuticals, or some sort of protection around electronics and solar cells. The contents of the packaging determine the choice of protective monolayer or multilayer, and these layers are normally called barriers.

At Innventia, the quality of barriers is measured and verified using oxygen or water vapour ASTM-rated Mocon equipments. Our barrier lab has been developed and adapted to follow developments at the cutting edge research, and offers:

  • A discussion partner and support in the choice of barrier materials
  • Measuring films or entire packages
  • Oxygen transmission measurement down to 0.005 cm³/m² d in accordance with ASTM D3985-05(2010)
  • Water vapour transmission measurement down to 0.0005 g/m² d in accordance with ASTM F1249-06(2011)
  • Measuring the diffusion of volatile organic compounds through materials. Detection using gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Method developed by Innventia.


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