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Testing corrugated board

Of course, users and manufacturers of corrugated board boxes have experience and knowledge of which constructions and raw materials are most suitable for the commonest boxes.

If you need to develop new packaging, the choice of raw materials might not be so obvious. You may need to map the transportation environments in which packaging and products need to work, in order to be able to choose the most suitable quality of corrugated board.

Testing corrugated board in accordance with ISO standards

You can get help carrying out tests on both materials and boxes to verify that your requirements are met. We offer testing of corrugated board in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 5628 Bending stiffness, four-points
  • ISO 3037 Edge Crush Resistance (ECT)
  • ISO 23035 Flat Crush Resistance (FCT)
  • ISO 2759 Bursting strengthISO 3034 Thickness
  • ISO 3039 Corrugated board – grammage of the respective paper layers

Testing methods and computer simulation software for stresses that arise during different stages of the manufacture and use of corrugated board are developed in our research.

Standard testing of ECT (edge crush resistance)

Constant load on boxes (creep testing in cycling climate) in which one box has held firm but another has collapsed

Software for simulating temperature and moisture distribution during corrugated board manufacturing