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Testing carrier bags

Is your carrier bag strong enough? A tested and approved carrier bag guarantees that the consumer gets a bag that won't break on the way home from the shop. The testing methods differ for plastic and paper carrier bags. If the bag satisfies the specified requirements, a quality mark can be printed on it. This mark is only found on bags that have been tested and approved by Innventia.

The quality mark means that the bag:

  • has been tested and approved
  • will withstand being lifted and put down on a hard surface at least 20 times with the weight specified by the quality mark
  • can hold the volume specified by the quality mark (only applies to paper carrier bags)

The testing methods for carrier bags have been developed at Innventia in association with the Carrier Bag Group, an association of trade organisations and carrier bag manufacturers. The testing norm is based on the European standard (SS-EN 13 590) for carrier bags.

Testing of a carrier bag in our lab

Testing of a carrier bag in our lab


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