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We can help with analysing particles that come loose from the paper surface and disrupt the offset printing process. We can carry out these analyses both in the lab and online in a printing press, to investigate:

  • surface strength
  • which particles come loose
  • the cause of the linting tendency

We can separate out the contributions from the paper and the printing press towards rubber blanket lint build-up.

Linting at accelerating speed with Lint-Pick Tester.

Read our product sheets, and contact us for more information and prices

Lint propensity is measured using accelerating speed in the lab (Lint-Pick Test).

Linting can be measured online in a printing press to see how the lint particles build up during operation.



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Product sheet

Lint Pick 


On-line linting measurement on blanket during printing: Developing of measurement technique, Hoc Miroslav, STFI-Packforsk report: 262 NRP 33