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Print quality

We have tools for characterising print quality!

  • How can I measure print defects in a way that corresponds to what can be seen?
  • Do you want to avoid/replace the visual assessment s which are time-consuming and to some extend person-dependent?

There are many types of print defects. Examples include print mottle, uncovered area (UCA), missing dots, gloss variation, print sharpness, edge sharpness and print-through.
Different printing techniques, such as flexography, gravure, offset and inkjet printing, can encounter problems with these defects to varying degrees.

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Print mottle – Print density variations in full-tone and half-tone print. *

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Mottling expert. *

White-top mottling – reflectance variations on unprinted board and sack paper. *

Beskrivning: UCA-demo

Uncovered area (UCA) in flexographic printing. *

Print gloss variation measured as we perceive it (area measurement), 13x13 mm2. Measure 200/200 .

Print gloss variation measurable at different angles (track measurement). Test size up to A3.

Missing dots in gravure and offset printing. *

Print-through – measurement both on average and as local variations. *

Beskrivning: O:\FMM-Alla\Marknad\Marknadsmaterial\Produktblad\Original\PrintSharpness\Underlag\Bilder\Original-inkjet-xeroxpaper-vriden.jpg

Print sharpness and blurriness of printed lines and edges. *

Cracks in coating/ink layer

Measure cracks in coating/ink layer after folding or creasing. *

*) The method is also available for sale