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Paper and board structure

We have tools for characterising paper and board structures!

The internal structure of the paper or board is important in terms of the formation, strength and quality of the finished product. Studying the structure of paper and board is important when developing new products.

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Formation – local grammage distribution measured using beta radiation.Works up to 90 g/m².

Innventia Grammage Map Inspector software – a flexible way of evaluating formation images yourself.

Optical formation – the visual impression of the paper’s formation. *

Calculate local fibre orientation in layers of a splitted sheet. *

Calculate optical formation in stratified sheets of paper.

Measuring the cross-sectional distribution of fibres, filler and coating in a paper sheet.

Mapping the local thickness variations of a sheet of paper.

Measuring a sheet of paper’s proportion of fibres and pores in zones in the thickness direction.

Local mass density variations – a combination of maps of local thickness and local grammage.

Microtomography high definition 3D images of wood, paper and board.

Coating layer thickness variations with burn-out technique. *

*) The method is also available for sale


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Local Paper Grammage


Sheet splitting

Optical formation

Local fibre orientation

Layerwise optical formation

Calculate local fibre orientation

Mapping local thickness

Paper structure




Estimation of fibre orientations using steerable filters
Rosén, F., Söderberg, D., Lucisano, M., Östlund, C.
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