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Fibre characterisation

We have tools for fibre characterisation!

  • Our microscopy lab uses instruments such as AFM, SEM, CLSM, x-ray microtomography and optical microscopes to analyse fibres, fibrils, etc.
  • We use image analysis methods to analyse these images.

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Measure the size distribution of cellulose fibril aggregates in the S2 fibre wall using AFM.

Measure the distribution of fibre wall and lumen dimensions of cross sections.

Measure the degree of fibre fibrillation.

Measure microfibril angle using confocal microscopy.

Show and measure fibre surfaces using optical microscopes, SEM, confocal microscopes or AFM.

Fibre furnish analysis enligt ISO 9184:1-5.
You obtain percentages of fibre species present in a pulp or a paper and also a type of used pulping and bleaching processes.

Light microscope image stained with Lofton-Merrit solution shows unbleached sulphate softwood fibres (blue), unbleached sulphite fibres (violette) and bleached fibres (colourless).



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