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Image analysis and microscopy

Image analysis and microscopy is an important tool that can help you within most research areas, from analysing wood, fibres, runnability, paper structure and paper surface to printability, and we have many years of in-depth experience within this field.

You can read more about our measuring methods within the following areas:

  • Print quality
  • Paper and board surface
  • Paper and board structure
  • Fibre characterisation
  • Runnability

Our measuring methods are used both within our own research projects and for measuring commissions. One of our goals is to devise easy-to-use methods that can be implemented in the paper industry for use both within research and for quality control. We can also develop tailor-made methods for you.


Our microscopy lab uses instruments such as AFM, SEM, CLSM, x-ray microtomography and optical microscopes to analyse fibres, fibrils, cross sections and surfaces at high resolution.

When analysing paper surface and predicting printing results, we mainly use OptiTopo, FRT-MicroProf, Print Simulation Tester (PST) and local thickness gauges in our print lab. FibroDAT and MicroDAT are used for absorption tests, and On-line OptiTopo is used for on-line paper surface measurements.

Within print evaluation, camera and scanner systems are mostly used, including special set-ups for gloss quality. For printing trials and runnability tests we use lab, pilot and full-scale presses such as IGT-F1, Prüfbau, ISIT and Lint-Pick tests in our printability lab.

Paper structure is studied using microscopy methods, as well as through beta radiation and using transmitted light-based camera systems. IR cameras are used in on-line measurements to measure temperature, and transmitted light-based camera systems are used to measure formation on-line (SOFA).


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