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Why does a surface feel pleasant to touch, and how is this connected to design and choice of materials? What constitutes good print quality, and what disrupts our impressions? How is packaging handled, and what problems do users encounter?

In our Human Product Interaction Laboratory (the HPI lab) we study how people see, feel, perceive and interact with packaging, graphic products and new materials. Using psychological methods and techniques such as eye tracking, focus groups, panel tests, in-depth interviews and usability tests, we attempt to link people's experiences with the physical properties of a product. Our researchers have an unfailing interest in what makes packaging "stand out on the shelf", what makes it easy to open and use, and how materials and surfaces can convey feelings.

Independent and impartial studies

The HPI lab allows you, the customer, to carry out independent and impartial studies. The laboratory consists of a perception room, which meets the viewing standard for the graphic industry, and a usability room. It enables us to provide services such as:

  • Eye tracking, 
  • User packaging tests, 
  • Print quality evaluations and 
  • Sensory studies of materials

Within the field of eye tracking, we have a collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics' Center for Retailing, and we can offer both shelf and in-store tests.

Evaluating both new and existing products

In some cases, we also carry out field and perception studies outside Sweden to capture regional and cultural differences. By working with us via research programs or commission, you can obtain knowledge about how people experience your packaging, materials or products. We provide support in evaluating both new and existing products, and thanks to our wealth of expertise we can make an active contribution to your work, all the way from prototype to finished product.

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The Human Product Interaction Laboratory consists of a perception room and a usability room. All tests can be monitored through a one-way mirror and via video recordings.


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