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Chemical Analysis and Product Safety

Chemical analysis

Chemical Analysis in close communication with our customers

Chemical analysis are an important foundation within all Innventia’s areas of operation and throughout our value chains. Thanks to our breadth, our experience and our advanced equipment, we can offer many different analysis services.

Our way of working

Communication and quality are important to us. We always strive for close dialogue with our customers. Our team of researchers and analysis experts can provide advice on subjects such as analysis methods, sampling and interpreting analysis data. We can also help with method development and method implementation. 

To guarantee high quality, a number of our analyses are accredited in accordance with ISO 17025. For example, in 2014 we became the world’s first supplier of accredited analyses of carbohydrates in wood and pulp. As part of our quality control, we take part in interlaboratory comparisons and we are also actively involved in Swedish and European standardisation work.

Our areas of expertise

  • Pulp and biorefinery
    Analyses for the field of pulp and biorefinery is an extensive and complex operation that includes the analysis of every imaginable process stream: chips, pulp, process liquids and liquors, as well as products: pulp, paper, board and biorefinery products such as lignin, hemicellulose and extractive substances. For more information, see our information sheets (to the right).
  • Product safety
    Product safety is an area that is continually expanding as the awareness of users and authorities grows. The basis for product safety analyses is that the analysis conditions must be adapted in line with the product’s use and current legislation . Dialogue with the customer is therefore a very important part of the analysis work, and this is something we focus on closely.
  • Problem-solving 
    Sometimes, customers don’t know which chemical compound they are looking for. At other times they know exactly what they’re looking for, but can’t find anyone to carry out the necessary analyses. In both cases we are well placed to help out, thanks to our expertise and our excellent instruments. Pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and FTIR spectrometry are particularly powerful tools for identifying unknown samples. If you need a supplier for a specific method, our analysis experts can help with method development and method adaptation, and if required we can set up new analysis methods in line with our customers’ wishes.

Our services

  • We offer commissioned analyses and consultation within our areas of expertise. You can find out more by reading our information sheets (to the right). All our individual analyses are also compiled in our list of analyses. 
  • We evaluate materials intended for contact with foodstuffs in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • We arrange comparative testing for a variety of parameters.
  • We carry out method development and method adaptation.

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Here at RISE Bioeconomy, we offer an advanced chemical analysis service for wood, pulp, paper and packaging.