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This is a list of selected publications from Innventia. The links will take you to the publisher's web site. If you don't have access to the journal, please contact the library for help.

The role of intermediate products in biorefinery development : a report within Chalmers Energy Initiative
Anheden Marie; Ehn Christian 
Innventia report 588

The influence of pulp type on through air drying
Tysén Aron; Vomhoff Hannes; Nilsson Lars
Innventia report 548

Wood assortments suitable for production of chemicals via bioconversion
Backlund Birgit
Innventia report 490

Lightweight, highly compressible, noncrystalline cellulose capsules
Carrick Christopher; Lindström Stefan B; Larsson Per Tomas; Wågberg Lars
Langmuir vol. 30. 2014, pp 7635-7644

X-ray micro-computed tomography investigation of fibre length degradation during the processing steps of short-fibre composites
Joffre Thomas; Miettinen Arttu; Berthold Fredrik; Gamstedt Kristofer E
Composites science and technology vol. 104, 2014, pp 127-133

Effect of additives on the tensile performance and protein solubility of industrial oilseed residual based plastics
Newson W R; Kuktaite Ramune; Hedenqvist Mikael S; Gällstedt Mikael; Johansson Eva
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry vol. 62, 2014, pp 6707-6715

Topochemical acetylation of cellulose nanopaper structures for biocomposites: mechanisms for reduced water vapour sorption
Cunha Ana Gisela; Zhou Qi; Larsson Per Tomas; Berglund Lars A
Cellulose vol. 21, 2014, pp 2773-2787

Wheat gluten/chitosan blends: a new biobased material
Chen Fei; Monnier Xavier; Gällstedt Mikael; Gedde Ulf W; Hedenqvist Mikael S
European polymer journal vol. 60, 2014, pp 186-197  

Wood density of Norway spruce in uneven-aged stands
Piispanen Riikka; Heinonen Jaakko; Valkonen Sauli; Mäkinen Harri; Lundqvist Sven-Olof; Saranpää Pekka
Canadian journal of forestry research vol.44, no. 2, pp 136-144  

The use of microfibrillated cellulose in fine paper manufacturing : results from a pilot scale papermaking trial
Ankerfors Mikael; Lindström Tom; Söderberg Daniel
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 29, no. 3, pp 476-483 

Optimizing shear strength profiles in paperboard for better crease formation
Nygårds Mikael; Bhattacharya A; Krishnan S V R
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 29, no. 3, pp 510-520  

An extended method to measure overall consumer satisfaction with packaging
Pousette Sandra; Löfgren Martin; Nilsson Birgitta; Gustafsson Anders
Packaging Technology and Science vol. 27, 2014, pp 727-738 

Gluten biopolymer and nanoclay-derived structures in wheat gluten-urea-clay composites: relation to barrier and mechanical properties
Kuktaite Ramune; Ture Hasan; Hedenqvist Mikael S; Gällstedt Mikael; Plivelic Tomas S
ACS Sustainable chemistry and engineering no. 2, pp 1439-1445

Nya produkter från skogsråvara - En översikt av läget 2014
Backlund Birgit, Nordström Maria
Innventia Rapport nr. 577 (In Swedish)

Combustion properties of reduced-lignin black liquors 
Vähä-Savo Niklas, Demartini Nikolai, Ziesig Rufus, Tomani Per, Theliander Hans, Välimäki Erkki, Hupa Mikko 
Tappi J. vol. 13, no. 8, pp 81-90


Gluten biopolymer and nanoclay-derived structures in wheat gluten-urea-clay composites: relation to barrier and mechanical properties 
Kuktaite Ramune, Ture Hasan, Hedenqvist Mikael S, Gällstedt Mikael, Plivelic Tomas

ACS Sustainable chemistry and engineering, vol 6, no. 2, pp 1439-1445


Chitosan extrusion at high solids content: an orthogonal experimental design study 
Chen Fei, Nilsson Fritjof, Gällstedt Mikael, Hedenqvist Mikael S 
Polymers from renewable resources, vol. 5, no. 1, 12pp


Carboxymethylated nanofibrillated cellulose: effect of monovalent electrolytes on the rheological properties 
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom 
Cellulose vol. 21, 2014, pp 3507-3514


The state of carboxymethylated nanofibrils after homogenization- aided dilution from concentrated suspensions: a rheological perspective 
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom, Pettersson Torbjörn 
Cellulose, vol. 21, no. 4, pp 2357-2368


Innovation diffusion of new wood-based materials : reducing the “time to market”

Roos Anders, Lindström Mikael, Heuts Lena, Hylander Nippe, Lind Erik, Nielsen Christian
Scandinavian journal of forest researach, vol. 29, no. 4, pp 394-401


Wood cell wall mimicking for composite films of spruce nanofibrillated cellulose with spruce galactoglucomannan and arabinoglucuronoxylan 
Stevanic Jasna S, Mikkonen Kirsi, Xu Chunlin, Tenkanen Maija, Berglund Lars, Salmén Lennart 
Journal of Materials Science vol. 49, no 14, pp 5043-4055


Enzyme pretreatment of dissolving pulp as a way to improve the following dissolution in NaOH/ZnO 
Almlöf Ambjörnsson Helene, Östberg Linda, Schenzel Karla, Larsson Per Tomas, Germgård Ulf 
Holzforschung vol. 68,no. 4, pp 385-391


Analysis of lignin and extractives in the oak wood of the 17th century warship Vasa 
Dedic Dina, Sandberg Teresia, Iversen Tommy, Larsson Tomas, Ek Monica 
Holzforschung vol. 68, no. 4, pp 419-425


Hydrodynamic alignment and assembly of nanofibrils resulting in strong cellulose filaments 
Håkansson Karl, Fall Andreas, Lundell Fredrik, Yu Shun, Krywka Christina, Roth Stephan, Santoro Gonzalo, Kvick Mathias, Prahl Wittberg Lisa, Wågberg Lars, Söderberg Daniel 
Nature communications vol. 5, 2014, article no. 4018


A comparison of fibre deformations from mill like and laboratory kraft cooking of softwood 
Salmén Lennart, Hornatowska Joanna 
Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J. vol. 29, no. 2, pp 211-217


Crill : a novel technique to characterize nano-ligno-cellulose 
Osong Sinke H, Norgren Sven, Engstrand Per, Lundberg Mathias, Hansen Peter 
Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J. vol. 29, no. 2, pp 190-194


Mechano-sorptive creep in pulp fibres and paper 
Olsson Anne-Mari, Salmén Lennart 
Wood Sci. Technol. vol. 48, 2014, no 3, pp 569-580


The influence of formation on air flow through and non-uniform drying of low grammage sheets

Tysén Aron, Vomhoff Hannes

Innventia report 546


Investigation of creases

Lagerbäck Lina, Timmerman Brita, Nygårds Mikael

Innventia report 528 


Methods for the quantification of in-plane drying non-uniformity

Tysén Aron, Vomhoff Hannes

Innventia report 507

Nanocellulose and the future
Ragauskas Arthur J, Lindström Tom
Tappi J. vol. 13, 2014, no. 5, pp 5-6

Upgrading of wood pre-hydrolysis liquor for renewable barrier design : a techno-economic consideration
Jansson Mikael, Danielsson Sverker, Saadatmand Soheil, Edlund Ulrica, Albertsson Ann-Christine

Cellulose vol .21, 2014, no. 3, pp 2045-2062

Production of a pure lignin product, part 1 : distribution and removal of inorganics in Eucalyptus globulus kraft lignin
Ziesig Rufus, Tomani Per, Schweinebarth Hannah, Norberg Lars, Theliander Hans
Tappi J. vol. 13, 2014, no. 3, pp 65-72

Research on the permeability of ink in offset paper
Li Xin, Liu Jianghao, Wei Xianfu, Huang Beiqing, Zhang Fuzhong, Yang Li
Applied mechanics and materials vol. 469, 2014, pp 323-317

Carboxymethylated nanofibrillated cellulose : rheological studies
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom, Sundström Jonas
Cellulose vol 21, 2014, no. 3, pp 1561-1571

Stiffness contribution of cellulose nanofibrils to composite materials
Josefsson Gabriella, Berthold Fredrik, Gamstedt Kristofer E
International journal of solids and structures vol. 51, 2014, pp 945-953

Quasi static analysis of creasing and folding for three paperboards
Huang Hui, Hagman Anton, Nygårds Mikael
Mechanics of materials vol. 69, no. 1, 2014, pp11-34

Translational study between structure and biological response of nanocellulose from wood and green algae
Hua Kai, Carlsson Daniel O, Ålander Eva, Lindström Tom, Strömme Maria, Mihranyan Albert, Ferraz Natalia
RSC advances vol. 4, 2014, pp 2892-2903

Structural architecture and solubility of native and modified gliadin and glutenin proteins : non-crystalline molecular and atomic organization
Rasheed Faiza, Newson William R, Plivelic Tomas S, Kuktaite Ramune, Hedenqvist Mikael S, Gällstedt Mikael, Johansson Eva
RSC advances vol. 4, 2014, pp 2051-2060

Deposition and organisation of cell wall polymers during maturation of poplar tension wood by FTIR microspectroscopy
Chang Shan-Shan, Salmen Lennart, Olsson Anne-Mari, Clair Bruno
Planta vol. 239, 2014, pp 243-254

Changes in the properties of wood cell walls during the transformation from sapwood to heartwood
Song Kunlin, Yin Yafang, Salmen Lennart, Xiao Fuming, Jiang Xiaomei
J Mater Sci vol. 49, 2014, pp 1734-1742

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