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Sales of measuring methods

Do you want to characterise different properties in your own lab?

Many of our methods use an ordinary flatbed scanner, making it easy to implement the method in both research labs and operational labs.

Find out more about our measuring methods, and contact us for more information and prices.

Print quality


  • Do you need your own instrument or software to analyse print quality?
  • Do you carry out visual print quality assessments but want to avoid time-consuming investigations and variations that are partly person-dependent?


Paper and board surface and predicting printing results


  • Do you need your own instrument or software to predict print quality?
  • Do you want to learn more about how to obtain the optimal printing surface for your products and gain the edge over your competitors?


Sheet structure


The internal structure of the paper or board is extremely important in terms of the formation, strength and quality of the finished product. Studying the structure of paper and board is important when developing new products.


Paper physics

If you want to measure curl and twist for quality control in a production laboratory, high levels of automation are needed to have a sufficiently large sample throughput. The CurlOMeter is a new instrument which characterizes the out-of-plane stability using modern measurement technique.


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