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Reference standards

Reference IR3 standards

The Optical Calibration Laboratory (OCL) can provide both fluorescent and non-fluorescent reflectance IR3 standards.

  • Non-fluorescent IR3 standards:
    • For the calibration of the reflectance factor of your instrument.
  • Fluorescent IR3 standards:
    • For the adjustment of the UV content of the instrument’s illumination.
    • The non-fluorescent IR3 standards for the calibration of the reflectance factor of your instrument is also needed.

 Beskrivning: IR3_standards.bmp

Examples of non-fluorescent that lies on top of the fluorescent IR3 standards.

For your needs

Within these two major types: non-fluorescent and fluorescent, there are a number of variants that meet the needs of different instruments. Contact us or read more about the Reference standards' descriptions.

Practical information

Each reference standard consists of an opaque pad of highly stable paper. The reported values are only valid for the first sheet in the pad. It is very important that the standards are handled and stored in the right way, please refer to our General instructions (link to the right).

It is highly recommended to use working standards for regular controls of the calibration of your instrument. When there is a deviation, use the working standard for instrument recalibration. The IR3 standard should be used only to check or recalibrate the working standard.