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Other services

In addition to the ISO authorized reference IR3 standards, we also provide services in forms of calibration reference and assistance to measurement methodology development.

Calibration References for CIE D50 and A illuminants

We can provide reflectance references for colorimetric instruments with CIE D50 and A illuminants in both D/0o and 45o/0o illumination/view conditions.

  • Non-fluorescent standards:
    • For the calibration of the reflectance factor of your instrument.
    • Spectral reflectance factors, CIEXYZ and CIELAB.
  • Fluorescent standards:
    • For the adjustment of the UV content of the instrument’s illumination.
    • Spectral reflectance factors, R457, CIEXYZ and CIELAB.

Transmittance measurement

We can also perform transmittance measurements on paper and paperboard in UV and visible light in the spectral wavelength range between 360-740 nm.

Calibration reference for White Top Mottle (WTM)

We provide calibration reference for White Top Mottle (WTM) measurement of paper board. Studies have shown that reflectance variations of the unprinted paper board, known as White Top Mottle, relate closely to print mottle. Hence, the control of WTM of paper board is the first step in controlling the print mottle.

An example of white top mottle of paper board.

Assistant to measurement methodology

We have great competences and experiences to assist your efforts in finding/improving measurement methodology. Putting theory into practice with smart (affordable) solutions (Link 1) has been our strength and tradition. Please contact us for more information.


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