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Biorefinery Test Methods

Within our research we have defined analytical protocols for analysis of new sample types from the biorefinery, e.g. lignin samples. These test protocols originate from “best practice” and existing methods for wood and pulp. We have validated the methods and determined the repeatabilities. In order to facilitate lignin research and commercialization, we want to share these test methods with anyone interested in lignin characterization.

Initially we share seven test methods concerning analysis of lignin purity, molecular and thermal properties.

You can order, free of charge, our Biorefinery Test Methods by sending an email to any of our contact persons. We will also gladly receive feedback and discuss lignin properties, specifications, analysis needs and other issues relevant to biorefining!

Biorefinery Test Method L1:2016  Kraft lignins - Dry matter content - Oven-drying method 

Biorefinery Test Method L2:2016  Kraft lignins - Ash content - Oven-ignition at 525 ºC method

Biorefinery Test Method L3:2016  Kraft lignins - Extractives content - Petroleum ether extraction method     

Biorefinery Test Method L4:2016  Kraft lignins - Lignin and carbohydrate content - Acid hydrolysis method

Biorefinery Test Method L5:2017  Kraft lignins - Elements (Al, Ba, Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, S, Si, Zn) – ICP method with wet digestion

Biorefinery Test Method L6:2017  Kraft lignins - Glass transition temperature -- Differential Scanning Calorimetry method

Biorefinery Test Method L7:2017  Kraft lignins – Hydroxyl groups – 31P-NMR method


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