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LignoBoost demonstration plant

The LignoBoost demonstration plant in Bäckhammar opened in 2007. The demonstration plant is owned and operated by a subsidiary to Innventia, LignoBoost Demo AB, which was established with the aim of proving the LignoBoost process concept on a near-commercial scale.

There is a daily production of high quality lignin in the plant. Innventia carries out assignments for clients wishing to evaluate their own black liquor or the lignin product from it. It is also possible to perform large-scale product- and process development at the LignoBoost Demo plant.

A new initiative, called LignoCity, will now further develop the demonstration plant and make it an open test bed for companies who want to evaluate and validate new refining concepts in the lignin area.

Use of lignin from the demonstation plant in Bäckhammar: Co-firing of lignin and coal in Värtaverket CHP plant, operated by Fortum Värme. 

LignoBoost demonstration plant start-up

The LignoBoost Demo plant can produce up to 8,000 tonnes of lignin per year, which is used for large scale trials. For example, the lignin fuel has been used in long-term trials (2007-2008) to replace coal at the Fortum combined cycle heat and power plant in Stockholm. Another example is full-scale trials in a lime kiln in Sweden where replacement of fossil fuel was evaluated. 

Bäckammar demonstrationsanläggning för LignoBoost
With support from Fortum Värme, Nordic Paper, Stora Enso, Södra Cell and the Swedish Energy Agency the LignoBoost demonstration plant has been in operation next to the Bäckhammar pulp and paper mill since January 2007.


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Co-firing lignin and coal in Värtan CHP plant, Lindman E-K, Bioenergy 2009, Jyväskylä, Finland, 31 Aug- 4 Sept, 2009