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StratEx - A semi-pilot sheet former

The semi-pilot sheet former, StratEx, is the latest addition to the FEX pilot plant at Innventia. StratEx can form up to 10 m of paper per run, with either single-sided or double-sided dewatering. Both single-ply and multi-ply sheet structures can be formed on the machine. The points of strength are its flexibility and the limited quantity of furnish required for a forming trial.


StratEx flexibility as to forming conditions with the chance to add additives or chemicals in different plies provides an opportunity to upgrade research project one step closer from lab-scale to commercial papermaking.


StratEx trials are batch processes with a production time ranging between 15 and 20 min/batch, depending on grammage. An extensive trial program at StratEx can be run on limited quantities of pulp and chemicals. This opens for tests of experimental or speciality products where availability can be a concern. One trial produces 7 to 10 metres of paper, with a sample width of 0.35 m.


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