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Sample drying

Two off-line dryers are available to dry sample rolls: a single-cylinder dryer and a 10-cylinder drier.

In the single-cylinder dryer, web shrinkage is avoided completely. This is achieved by tensioning two bands along the web edges, on the outside of the drying felt. Due to the absence of shrinkage, the mechanical properties of the web are well defined, including ultrasonic evaluation of fibre orientation distribution.

The single-cylinder dryer in the FEX paper machine.

In the 10-cylinder dryer, heat can be supplied from both sides of the sheet, or from one side only. The electric energy input is 12 kW per cylinder. The cylinder temperatures can be set between 20°C and 110°C. The drier speed is within the range 5-45 m/min, depending on the web grammage level. Web dryness is measured at the dry end, and the drier speed can be controlled to give a preset final dryness. Different sample rolls can thereby be graded with respect to "driability".

The 10-cylinder dryer in the FEX paper machine.