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Press section

The FEX machine has three press nips: a first double-felted roll press, a second single/double felted shoe press and a third single felted shoe press. The first open draw is after the third nip. The web is carried by felts from the first to the second press nip.

There are two alternatives for web transfer from the second to the third nip:

  • A transbelt covers the press roll in the second nip (single felted), and carries the web using a suction roll and a transport wire to the bottom side of the third nip felt
  • The transbelt can be exchanged for a press felt (double felted nip).

The press rolls in the two shoe presses can be heated to temperatures up to 250°C using induction heating.

The pressure events along the shoe presses (nip length 250 mm) are recorded, and can be changed online.