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Low consistency refining laboratory

The refining laboratory at Innventia is a separate part of the FEX pilot plant that can be used for refining studies. The refining laboratory includes three chests each with a volume of 15-20 m³ and different refiners can be independently linked to the system. Refiners available:

  • A conical refiner
  • Metso JC01 disc refiner
  • Beloit-Jones 24”

The disc refiner can be equipped with either a Double or a Multidisc package. Fillings to suit different pulps are available. Ultralow intensity refining can be performed with the Multidisc package or with Finebar fillings. 

Refining can be done as single stage or multistage. In the case of single stage refining it can be done at constant intensity or at constant throughput. It is also possible to refine with recirculation of part of the flow. The temperature of the pulp in the system can be varied between 25 and 95°C without changing the pulp consistency. To produce a refining curve 450 – 1000 kg of pulp is needed depending on the refining conditions. 

Process data like power, pressure and temperature before and after the refiner and gap clearance are continuously monitored during trials.