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LINDA - The science and technology of moving webs

LINDA is a pilot scale machine designed to work with moving paper webs. LINDA was initially built as an equipment to study in-plane dimensional stability of paper and runnability during a printing operation. Throughout the years, its flexibility has allowed a much wider spectrum of activities, ranging from basic research to full scale production of speciality papers.

Magle produces Phadebas at Innventia.

LINDA is also used as a production site for a special paper product: a specially prepared paper, Phadebas, which enables forensic investigators to quickly locate traces of saliva. Here, the Innventia expertise in paper materials and process technology was used to help Magle, a small pharmaceutical company, introduce a new product on the market in less than a year from project start.

The flexibility of LINDA is due to its open construction: 7 meters separate the unwinding station from the winding station. One roll nip is used for control of web speed, which can be set from zero to 300 m/min. The web tension before the nip can be set differently from the tension after the nip. The design provides almost 5 meters of open space for measurement modules, printing or surface treatment. Researchers at Innventia can design special testing units for innovative application.

LINDA is now equipped with an offset printing nip, used both in research and to help the industry assess the performance of paper in a full-scale printing press.