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Forming section

Several types of headboxes are available:

  • Conventional single layer headboxes
  • High nozzle contraction headboxes
  • 2- or 3-ply headboxes with or without water addition between the layers (Aq-technique)
  • High concentration headboxes.

A twin-wire unit and a F[C1] ourdrinier unit are included in the wire section design. The twin-wire unit, the STFI former, is of the roll/blade type, and was introduced in 1991. This was the first roll and controllable blade unit in the world (see Development of the STFI former). In the STFI former, the forming roll cover angle can be adjusted from 20° to 70° online, the latter giving pure roll dewatering.

The Fourdrinier and the twin wire parts can be run simultaneously, to form multilayered products.

Recently, the thin edged STFI blade has been introduced in the STFI former. This blade supports the inner wire, leaving only 30-40 mm (conventionally approx. 200 mm) free wire length immediately after the forming roll. Flow instabilities between the wires, which create formation damages in this critical zone, can then be avoided.


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